Dream-INN (Boarding)

man-suite2Call for a RESERVATION 713.334.6000

Adjacent to the salon is A Dog’s Dream-INN. Make your reservations, drop your pet off at the salon and enjoy your time away knowing that your pet is safe and happy.
An excellent benefit is to have your pets salon services performed while you are away so when you return, your pet is clean, happy and ready to welcome you back.

Some of the many features of the Dream-INN:
⁃    2200 spotless square feet of fun with A/C and Heat!
⁃    Supervised temperament & play groups
⁃    Long walks on the grass, 3 times a day!
⁃    Individual attention with TLC at no charge!
⁃    Same feeding and medication schedule as home
⁃    Snack time and nap time!
⁃    Satellite television (Dog Channel TV) & soft music 24 hours a day!
⁃    Sunday & Monday pick-ups and drop off available (excluding holidays)
⁃    and much, much, more!