Boarding Deposit Form

This is to be considered a contract to board your pet(s) with the above named facility. For and in consideration of Facility’s promise to Board your animal according to Facility’s usual and customary standards, you agree to the following terms and conditions that are contractual in nature. Deposit Forms will be received by fax, email or in person. This is a material term of this Agreement: All cancellations must be made either in person or via telephone. If you leave a “Cancellation notice” on Voicemail, we will call you and confirm on the next business day. A deposit of $50.00 per pet will be charged if terms of the cancellation policy are violated. DEPOSITS THAT ARE NOT CANCELLED 10 OR MORE DAYS BEFORE THE RESERVATION DATE WILL AUTOMATICALLY BE CHARGED THE DEPOSIT. In this circumstance the deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Cancellations made prior to the 10th day of the reservation will not be charged the Deposit. Amending Reservations after the pet has started the stay will be charged for the Full reservation.

You may also print the BOARDING-DEPOSIT form and fax to (713) 334-4188

Please make sure that you have your Vet send us current vaccine records. Fax 713-334-4188 or email to

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